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It provides oxidation resistance. Antioxidants help slow oxidation in the oil to help keep engines running clean.

Viscosity Index Improvers

Sets the rate of change of viscosity between 2 different temperatures.


It has high performances of Durability, Low Temperature Characteristics (Cow Point and Viscosity), Low Volatility, Thermal Stability.


It is used as antifreeze.

PEG 400

It is used to prevent the polymer chain from unraveling.


It minimizes the possibility of small bubbles being trapped in the fuel or oil. It is also used to zoom out.


Zinc dithiophosphates used in motor oils are multi-purpose additives such as oxidation inhibitor, anti-wear and bearing corrosion inhibitor.


It is a colorless, practically odorless, and hygroscopic liquid with a sweetish taste. It is a four carbon dimer of ethylene glycol. It is miscible in wateralcoholetheracetone, and ethylene glycol.[1] DEG is a widely used solvent.

Performans Package

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